“Transmission of Knowledge” — Philosopher Meets Critics #1 with Greco, Coliva, Priest, and Graham

More and Happier Women: On the Political Significance of Wittgenstein and Hinge Epistemology @ the University of Macau

Hinge Trust
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Tractatus 100: One hundred years after the publication of Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus logico-philosophicus” @ Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio

Authors-Meet-Critics: Relativism by Maria Baghramian and Annalisa Coliva @ TRUTH 20|21 hosted by the Virtual International Consortium of Truth Research (VICTR)

Wittgenstein: Naturalism and Necessity @ University of Bergen

Philosopher Meets Critics #2: Extended Rationality by Annalisa Coliva with John Greco, Plínio Smith, and Modesto Gómez Alonso.

Coliva on Certezza for Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio RIFL

Busting Myths and Misinformation during a Pandemic (with Duncan Pritchard)

Perché Scegliere FILOSOFIA? Ne PARLIAMO con Annalisa Coliva PARTE 1

Il VALORE degli STUDENTI ITALIANI all’ESTERO, intervista con Annalisa Coliva PARTE 2

More and happier women: On the political significance of Wittgenstein and hinge epistemology @ 6° Congreso Internacional de Estudiantes de Posgrado del IIFs CONFERENCIA MAGISTRAL

Séminaire: Connaissance pratique et compétence linguistique @ Le Collège de France
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Ernest Sosa (Rutgers), Social and Applied Epistemology Lecture 
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